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The perfect condiment for your cupboard. This recipe is so versatile the possibilities are endless. I use for drizzling over dumplings, spicing up pizza, adding to stir frys, tossing in salads and mixing in my dipping sauces. Specifically this is used in my Vegan Peanut Ramen Noodles, recipe on the website.

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  1. 1 cup olive oil

  2. 1/2 tsp black peppercorns

  3. 1 tsp szechuan peppercorns

  4. 2 tsp dried chilli flakes

  5. 1 star anise

  6. 1/4 tsp coriander seeds

  7. 1 tsp sesame seeds

  8. 2 garlic cloves crushed

  9. 1 tsp dark soy sauce


In a pestle and mortar coarsely grind the spices down (if you don't have a pestle use a spice blender to roughly grind them down).

In a pan warm the oil on a medium -low temp, add in the ground spices and the sesame seeds, let it start to bubble and deepen in colour for around 4-5 min. Watch it carefully you don't want anything to burn, low and slow is key!

Take the oil off the heat allow to cool for a few minutes before adding the crushed garlic and soy sauce. It's important that you don't add the garlic to the hot oil as it will burn leaving your oil tasting bitter. Allow the oil to infuse off the heat for 1 hour before transfering to a sterilised container, jar or bottle.

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